Dealing with ADHD – Day One

So yeah, I might go into it at some point but I’m an adult that was diagnosed with ADHD. Something about “combined type” with hyper-focusing and impulse issues. That’s the abbreviated version.

Today I started a medical regime that one could argue I should have been on since elementary school. So I want to journal the adventure a bit.

It’s been two hours and I feel kinda level. I’ve been super stress and tired as of late with a few “teeny tiny” stressors weighing on me. I did have a bit of an anxiety attack this morning worry if today was the best day to start as I have a big meeting with one of my largest clients today. But, we shoved that down deep and popped the pill.

UPDATE: 6pm and all seems good. Didn’t feel much different but I wanna say “level” again. The highs and lows were missing from the day.

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